Shots pota

The story thus far

At the beginning, we all started in a some small town called Red Larch. There was a rogue, a monk, a cleric, abard, and a barbarian. It was rocky starting out amongst these adventurers, and finally took the promise of profit and knowledge from the bard to gather everyone together. There quest, to recover several magical tombs. The best lead placed them in a small fishing community not far away. The group gathered there resources and set of.

Upon arrival, they learned that the tombs appeared to be under the pocession of a laocal criminal operating out of an old fishing boat. The adventurers made plans for the rogue to sneak into the ship and recover what he could. Whether it be the tombs or an item set picked by the criminal to test the group to see if he would use/sell to them.

During the planning phases a couple approached the parties camp fire. It was a paladin and a durid. They seemed out of place, but were willing to help the adventurers recover the stolen goods. Together the rogue and durid boarded the ship to find what they could. It was at this time the paladin realized that the adventurers themselves were stealing from the criminals, and interjected himself into the sitaution. Little did he, or the rest the party realize the deadly trap the criminal had set. Monsters appeared from the water and set themselves upon the paladin and the other adventures there.

The battle was firece but the adventures and their allies were successful in over coming their foes. Little did the party know that the paladins deity, Talos, was displeased with his vessals pathetic attempt at peace and law. The paladin was struck by lightning almost immediately after the conflict had resolved killing him and this durid companion instantly. This was not the last the adventures would see of this chaotic deity.

The group raid the ship after the monsters were killed and rexovered the tomba they seeked. The quickly returned to Red Larch to collect their reward…. though not before making copies of the tombs. Not all was at peace though, as the party heard tales of strange graves nearby the city. It did not take much convincing to get the party to investigate these graves. Quickly the party learned that the graves and bodies did not belong to any resident of Red Larch. Strange symbols littered the possessions of the deceased, and the garb was wholly different from the locals.

Investigating this area further resulted in the group finding tracks. They followed the for awhile until they found an overwhelming tower guarded by gryffins and hippogryfs. The party thought deception could allow them to gather knowledge on the bodies they found. So the bard disguise herself as one of the bodies found by the party, and entered the tower. The group confused by a single from the bard tried to charge in and save her. This lead to utter chaos.

The party after trying to rush in and save the bard found themselves surrounded by a superior force. With the rogue’s quick thinking, he was able to convince them that they were a group of chefs, that were armed because of the dangerous roads. One thing lead to another and the party was preparing Orca for a feast.

At the feast the rogue got drunk, almost killed the monk, and accidentally lost an arm. The bard convinced the rogue to pray to Talos because of the rogues act of stupidity, and he did. Shortly thereafter, the rogue was blessed by Talos with an arm of elemental steam. This cemented the rogue’s belief and devotion to Talos. Eager to repay this the rogue convinced the party to accept a request from the master of the tower to collect information on a local cult that was acting as a monastery. However as the group was preparing to leave, the barbarian accidentally blow the bard’s head up from the inside killing her instantly. The rogue quickly collected her belongings and they set off, leaving the tower’s occupants to dispose of her body.

During their travels to the monastery, the remaining members encountered a warlock and a wizard. Both also had purpose to travel to the monastery and joined the party. When the party reached the monastery there was a disagreement between the wizard and the barbarian, that lead the the barbarian being literally crushed by a magic portal castle the wizard carried. The wizard the departed as he no longer cared about the monastery. The castle aslo in advertently landed on and crushed the rogue’s leg. After a quick resuce and minior treatment by the cleric, the rogue would likely survive. He once again prayed to Talos, and shortly there after, recieved the blessing of an earthen leg by the residents of the monastery.

The group minus the cleric begin exploring the monastery, while the cleric researched how to shrink the portal castle. While investigating the monastery, the rogue accidentally let slip that they were here at the request of the steam cult leaving in the tower. The group was thrown into the dungeons below the monastery, but not before learning about the full beliefs of the monks of the monastery. They learned they are not monks at all, but actually cultist of the black earth. While exploring the dungeons, they found a path that lead deeper into what appears to be dwarf ruins. What will our adventurers find in these depths? Find out next time.



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